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Color-Your-Own Bookmarks!

Hello Blog Hoppers!  Ashley, The School Supply Addict, here.

I'm sure everyone is doing the crazy-week-before-Christmas-break dance.  I'm going crazy!  My sweet little kinders are doing wonderfully, but it's all the extras that come with this week.  I need a nap, wine, time in the hot tub, and little elves to visit my house and clean.  Haha!

I thought I'd share a quick little freebie with you today.... color-your-own bookmarks!  My kids absolutely love reading and now that they are starting to get into longer books, they're in need of some bookmarks.  I went ahead and whipped up these fun ones that we'll be making after our break.  I'll have my kids color them and then I'll laminate them to keep them nice and "fancy."  They'll all be getting all four bookmarks, but you can certainly cut them and have your kids choose one.  I'm going to have my kids keep two at school and two at home.

The black & white version is the one that you receive, but I went ahead and colored one to show you how fun they can look.  Simple & fun.  :)

Click the image to download on TPT, or click here.

I hope you can use them!  Have a wonderful break and Merry Christmas!


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