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Fun Idea for Student Gifts!

I saw this adorable idea for snowman mugs on Pinterest and decided I really wanted to try it for my student gifts this year. All you need are plain white mugs and oil based sharpie pens (black and orange).

I ordered my mugs from Dollar Tree. I couldn't find enough just white mugs in their store so I ordered online. I got my markers from Michaels.

Wash the mugs and make sure they are clean, take off any stickers that might be on them (this is important because they will go in the oven later). Mine had stickers on the bottom.

I looked up snowman face templates online to get an idea of how I wanted to add the faces. There are lots of examples. I chose three different types and randomly drew them on the mugs. Then I added each students name at the bottom.

The next couple of steps help the marker stay on the mug permanently. First you need to put them in the oven while it is cold, turn up the heat to 350 degrees and let them bake for 30 min. Turn the oven off and let them completely cool before removing them from the oven.

After mine were baked I washed them and they seemed to hold up fine, but I kept reading that they didn't hold up forever. I made one for myself and after several washes I noticed my name was chipping off. So I went ahead and used this sealer on them.

After the sealer was on I washed them again and I noticed that they were definitely not coming off at all. So I am very hopeful that the maker will permanently stay on.

I purchased a big can of hot cocoa, a bag of mini marshmallows, and small Christmas treat bags.

I scooped the hot cocoa into the baggies (half cup in each one), added a handful of marshmallows then secured it with the stickers provided.

I placed a bag of hot cocoa into each cup and wrapped them up!

They are all ready to go, we are having our party on the 19th and I can't wait for my students to get these!

I also  found these beautiful cards in Target's dollar spot. I added a personal note for each student to their gift.

I have done different things for my students each year. I love finding new ideas, this is one of my favorites so far. What are you doing for your students? I know there are so many great ideas out there, I'd love to hear yours!