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We love reading! Do you?

Hi! It's Megan and Kim from Kindergals. We are here today to tell you a little bit about teaching your little ones how to pick out a good fit book! The very first thing we do is teach our students how to identify all the different parts of the books. Here my children are looking for the cover, back, and title page of the book.

The next day we talk all about the cover and what things we will typically ALWAYS find on a cover. We discuss the title, author, illustrator, and cover image.

Then, we dive a little bit deeper into looking at the cover to decide if a book is right for us. The focus right now is not on ability level of the book but interest level. We want to get kids EXCITED about reading! In our mini lesson, we model how to look at the cover to decide if it is a book we want to know more about.

Finally, we teach our students how to look on the inside to see if the book is really right for us. If it is not a good fit book, we teach them to place it back in the bucket and pick a new book!

Here are some PRECIOUS shots of my kiddos during their silent reading time. I think the first step in encouraging life long learners is to establish a love for reading.

This has to be my favorite reader of all.....

As a mom, I always want Matthew to LOVE books. We have made a habit of reading to him every day. Now, the first place he goes when we are home is the table with the basket of books on it. Instilling a love for books is so important at an early age. I LOVE watching him learn to love books.

What do you do to inspire young readers to love reading?

Until next time...

Megan & Kim

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