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Teacher Week: Who

Hey everyone!!! It's Katie from Little Warriors and Stephanie from Falling Into First. Can you believe it's already here?!? Teacher Week!!!! 

And today we want to know just exactly WHO you are!! So, tell us! Don't be shy!!! It's your time to shine! Tell us all about YOU!!!!!

What better way to start with WHO you are, than with your name!! Did you know that my last name is pronounced Men-see??



I have been married to my husband for 11 years now!!! He's is perfect for me! He's pretty easy-going, loves the outdoors and is an amazing Dad!!!

We have three amazing little boys! Brody is 6, Gray is 4 and Finn is 22 months. Yes, I'm a Mommy of  all BOYS!!! People make comments on almost a daily basis...but, I'm used to it!! :) No, we're not going to "try again for a girl". Actually, we already did...and it didn't happen. I am absolutely 100% blessed and I wouldn't change anything for the world!!

I come from a family of 4. My Mom is my best friend. We talk everyday, she is my shopping partner and baseball buddy. My Dad is my protector. He taught me how to be responsible, careful, hardworking, how to shoot a gun and bait a hook :) I LOVE my brother!! He works for Boeing as a computer programmer and is an absolute computer whiz, a Star Wars lover and a home brewer. He is a skeptic. He questions everything. If you believe something, you better have all of the information and scientific evidence to back it up....he is impossible to argue with. But, he is the reason that I don't believe everything I hear. His motto..."question everything". :)


I have the BEST friends a person could EVER ask for!!!! I seriously have so many amazing people in my life. I have been friends with these girls for basically my whole life (some since grade school and some since High school) They are my rock. We've been through EVERYTHING together. They are like my family. I cannot put into words how important they are to me.

These are my blog buddies. They are some of the most amazing ladies that I know!!!! They are all so dedicated, hard working, creative and inspiring!!! AND, yes!!! They are all just as nice, genuine and adorable in real life as they are on their blogs!!!! Any questions I have, they answer them. Anything I need, they share it. Any time anyone needs an idea, we collaborate. How lucky am I to call them my friends?!?

Things I LOVE

If you follow my blog, you know that I LOVE baseball!!! Specifically Cardinals baseball!! :) It is also my MOST favorite unit to teach my Kinders!!! I was lucky enough to see the Cards win the Series in 2006 AND in 2011!!!
(Pics below: Finny in his "I poop on Cubs" diaper, my Mom and I at the 2011 World Series, my brother and I at the 2006 World Series, and a picture of me on TV when a player jumped on top of me to catch a ball-I LOVE my Mom's horrified expression! LOL!!)

Fast Food and Fountain Cherry Coke
Gross, I know!!! But, I love it!!! Shhhh......Don't tell my blog buddies!!! They're super fit and healthy!! ;)

Classic Rock and 80s Music
Play a little Poison, Journey, Guns n Roses or 38 Special and I'll be instantly on the dance floor :)
I got to see one of the BEST, most legendary bands in history a few years ago when they played in St. Louis at Busch Stadium. THE EAGLES!!! It was AMAZING!!! Yes, I was THIS close to Don Henley <3
(Seven Bridges Road)

Converse Sneakers
I'm slightly obsessed with converse. I have been since High School. My two favorite pairs are my Little Warriors Custom Converse and my Lorax High Tops :)
You can design your own converse here:


Hey ya'll! I'm Stephanie from Falling Into First and I'm so very excited to be joining all my talented teacher friends over here on Blog Hoppin!!

{Favorite sign in Vegas ;) }

 We're kicking off Teacher Week with a little getting to know you fun!!!

This picture of me was taken on my very first day as a first year teacher. I'm now about to start my 6th year teaching this week. Not sure how that happened?! Time really does fly. In the past I've taught 1st grade and a 1st/2nd grade combo class, but this year I'll have a room full of firsties again!

I'm a NY girl. I lived there my whole life until five years ago when I became a Colorado gal. Pretty sure I never would have made it out this way if I hadn't fallen for this guy.

We met eight years ago while studying abroad off the Gold Coast, Australia. We literally had to meet on the other side of the world. Ha!! We've been married a little over three years now and he is my favorite. :) For now it's just us and these two spoiled furballs. Our little family just moved into our second house in December. It's still very much under "decorative construction" on the inside, but we've turned it into a home!

 {Hanging out at school}

Some people get by with a little help from their friends. I get by with a whole LOT of it!!! I'm an only child so these ladies are my chosen family. The sisters I never had.

I've also made so many great friends across the blogging world! Collaborating, picking each others brains, shoes, and commiserating over things like who got voted off on The Bachelor are just a few of my favorite things to chat about with these ladies on the daily.

Things I LOVE
The beach. Bright colors. Jeans. Working out. Traveling. Netflixing. Fried cheese. Every show Shonda Rhimes has ever created. 90's music. Purses. Flair pens. Target. 
And more recently, here are a few things I was really  loving this summer!!!

Reading lots of books on the beach. I'm mostly an e-reader now but there's something about the beach that just calls for the real thing. Sun, sand, and a book in my hand is my perfect day.

I reached some big fitness goals this summer!! Working out went from being the thing I dreaded to the thing I look forward to doing each day. I know...I hardly believe it myself. #truth

Decorating our house. It's still very much a work in progress. And yes, I am the kind of girl who ends up with 13 paint samples for just one room. Bless my husband for this one. 

So, enough about us!!! We can't wait to hear about you!!! Join in the fun and link up with us!
Here's the schedule for the rest of the week!!

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  1. LOVED LOVED LOVE LOVED reading about both of you. I sure love you two!!!!!