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Spanish {Printable} Awards!

Hey there Hoppers.
This is Alisha from The Bubbly Blonde.

I've officially survived 8 days with my new group of kiddos.
If you've started, how is it going?  If you haven't, good luck when it comes!
Many of you may know that I have changed schools this year.
The demographics of my school now include a very high ESL population.
I have my ESL endorsement and am excited to get to use it to it's full potential.

I love writing positive awards to send home on a regular basis to 
let a student know that I appreciate their hard work,
 great citizenship, fantastic listening skills, etc.
I want my kiddos to show their parents.
I want them to be proud of their hard work!
As I was handing out a few awards on Friday, 
I realized that many of my students would not be able 
to read the award on their own, yet.
And many of their parents would not be able to read English!

What good is it for me to send an award home that neither the child or parent can read?
Will it still have meaning?  Will my student still be proud to receive it?
Or will it simply be thrown in the trash?
I need/want a way to bridge the language barrier gap.

My solution, a few basic Spanish Awards!
You can grab them here in color and b/w.
If you'd like to print the awards smaller, print more copies on a page!
Don't worry, I did not translate these signs on my own!


  1. This is wonderful! I am an ESL teacher and I can say for sure that this is an excellent idea. I'm assuming since you did your awards in Spanish that your ESL population is Spanish - Mine is Bosnian. Do your ELLs see an ESL teacher in addition to you? Congrats on surviving the first 8 days. I start back up the 2nd!'

  2. I love these! I was wondering if I could get them in English as well? I can't find them anywhere!