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Teacher's Week {Technology Tuesday with Curls and a Smile

Happy Technology Tip Tuesday!

I am Lynda from Curls and a Smile and I am THRILLED to share with you some of my favorite ways to integrate technology into my classroom instruction and management.  Last year, my class participated in an iPad Pilot. Every child had an was a dream!

These are a few of my favorite apps for the kiddos:

This app allows students to create and entire story from the characters that are featured to the plot of the story. Students are able to manipulate the images to create short videos that tell a story and are narrated by them! It is an excellent way to have students retell stories with detail, create a new version of a story that was read in class and enables students to practice critical thinking skills to improve their reading skills.

This is a fun and versatile app that can be used during small group reading instruction. It was wonderful for students during word work or writing responses to comprehension questions. This app was also a favorite for practicing spelling words throughout the week.

Using the app, the kiddos are able to practice their fluency while reading a variety of leveled text. You can set up your class and it will track the story each child is on, words per minute for their reading and even recommends strategies that  can be used to help build your student's fluency.

Another piece of technology that I can't live without are ActiveExpressions. This is a student response system for the Promethean board that interacts with any question that I have programmed into a Promethean flipchart. 

This summer I was introduced to which allows you to use tablets, laptops, smartphones and idevices that you have in your classroom for interactive student response! I am very excited about using this web based program and experiencing the impact that it will have on student learning and engagement!

Thanks for reading!

How do you use technology in your classroom? 

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