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I am so excited!!! I have followed so many edu-bloggers into the future and have joined the gold-rush to Teacher's Pay Teachers. Here's my NEW store! Earlier today I uploaded my first "digital" product -- which includes an Mp3 of one of my original plus two dozen pages of support materials. It's a whole new era for me!!! 

photo of: Tadpole to Frog Science Lesson Supports for Debbie Clement's song "Pollywog"
Fine Motor Development for "Pollywog" Metamorphosis Unit

People have been asking me for years and years to go digital and now the day has arrived! One ready-to-go and that only leaves another hundred-and-how many? 

My favorite part of this first adventure are the 5 'illustrations' that I made from fabric to 'match-up' to the verses in the song. I even went the extra mile and made a quilt-picture for the "punch-line' of the song. 

photo of: Quilted-fabric "illustrations" to support the song "Pollywog"  

Of course chances are good you've never heard the song before -- so here's a YouTube version from my nationally award winning DVD, "Kweezletown." What a great way to mix some science into your back-to-school routine! 

Want to see some of the other 'goodies' in the packet? Just visit this article on my blog, RainbowsWithinReach. 
-- Debbie -- 

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