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Teaching Reading Fluency

Hello Blog Hoppin Fans!!  I haven't officially introduced myself as an Author on this blog so let me start by saying that my name is Stacy from Mrs. Johnson's First Grade.  I have only been a part of the blogging world since May, but boy has it been AMAZING!  I have seen and read so many inspiring things and it makes me feel like a first year teacher again!  So many new ideas to choose from!  Well, it's my turn to share some thing that has worked for me in the area of Reading Fluency.  Let me tell you that this has been one of the hardest areas to try and master as a teacher and I still don't have all the answers!  Besides S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g words or "Keepin your motor runnin", I finally figured out a way that helps students "hear" when they read.  If they can't "hear" what they are reading, they can't really apply any other Reading Strategies but decoding.  So, here are the 2 items I use with my students to help them to "hear" their voices.

Hope you all enjoy your Labor Day weekend!  Yes!  Another sleep in day!  Well, only until my 4 year old wakes up!



  1. Your advice is so helpful; thank you! I am trying to teach fluency right now, and I am struggling. These tips will definitely help!

  2. What great ideas!

  3. I never thought of using a digital recorder to teach fluency! What a great idea... I bet the kids love listening to themselves! :)

  4. Love whisper phones - I had a dad make a class set for me one year. He saw them at our literacy night and said "you need more of those" a week later, there they sat on my desk!!!!! Where did you get your digital recorder and how much did you pay?


  5. So cool! I'm gong to have to try the PVC ones. I've had great luck getting donations from Lowe's and Home Depot. Both are very generous to teachers!
    Sunny Days In Second Grade

  6. As a new reading teacher I think I definitely need the whisper phones!! How did you go about getting Home Depot to donate to your class?

  7. Hey all! I am sending a few notes for those that asked me about the digital recorder: (I got it at Radio Shack for about $50)
    and the donations from Home Depot: (Call your local store and ask the manager their procedure. Ours just requires a typed letter on letter head with the materials needed).