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Personalizing Book Boxes

Here's a quick tip!  If you're looking for an inexpensive way to incorporate book boxes in your classroom without breaking the bank, have your students decorate cereal boxes with wrapping paper, magazine cutouts, scrapbook paper, pictures, or anything else that has meaning to them.  The obvious downside is that they aren't as durable as the tubs you can purchase from Really Good Stuff...but the kids handle them with care because they are personalized with things that are important to them. 

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  1. LOL...The picture is too small to see detail, but the one on the left looks like it has a man in a Speedo. I love the idea. We just did our Writer's Notebooks yesterday and it's true about how well they care for them. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. I have great news! I've given you an I heart your blog award!Hop on over to my blog to get your award and to pass it on! Thanks for always having such amazing posts and great links to other blogs!

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  3. This is so funny! I just did this with my class! Each student brought in a cereal box and we decoupaged them -the Kindergarten way. We just used color paper from the school cut out in different shapes. The kids were so proud of them!