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Mental Math Strategy Unit Release Party!

I am holding a release party today, Sunday September 11, 2011 to launch my newest collection of Mental Math Strategy Units. Today from 8:00 am until 10:00 pm CST you can download the 87-page "Doubles" strategy unit for FREE!

Additionally, the other three units in the collection are marked at 20% off for today only! This includes the strategy units of "Counting On," "Doubles Plus One" and "Making Ten."

In the next couple of months I will be adding to this collection with units on adjusting to make multiples of ten and subtraction strategies.

For further information about today's event, feel free to head on over to my Facebook page, Teaching Resources by Shelley Gray and view this note.

Hope to see you there!


  1. Thanks so much for sharing!! What a wonderful resource :)

  2. Thank you so much for being so generous!

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  3. This is awesome! Thanks so much. I love, love, love the cute posters!! :) The kiddos are going to love the games.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Are you going to do a subtraction set too? Which order do you teach these in? I am new to 1st grade, so I really need to figure out what order to teach everything in - my district's pacing calendar is no help lol!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  5. WOW! ThAnK yOu VeRy MuCh!

    Grade ONEderful

  6. How generous and how creative! Thank you so much!

  7. Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback!

    Jennifer - Yes, I will be working on one more addition strategy, and then I will be beginning subtraction. I am hoping to have the subtraction set released within the next 6 weeks or so.

    As far as order goes, I would begin with Counting On. Then move to Doubles, Doubles Plus One and Making Ten. The next addition strategy that I will be working on is Adjusting to Make Combinations of Ten. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at or through my FB page, Teaching Resources by Shelley Gray

    Have a great day!

  8. WOW!

    Thank you! I can't wait to use this in my classroom!


  9. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to use it!


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