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Hi all,
Denise here from SunnyDays!

Our school has a big focus on Accelerated Reader. Each grade level has a specific goal and teachers are absolutely expected to whatever it takes to make sure the students reach their goal {I know!}. We are even required to turn in periodic print-outs of our progress.

So...whether I love it or not, AR is a part of our life. Although my kids are usually serious readers, there are some that will read like crazy but "forget" to take their tests. Then I have the kids who are constantly asking how many points they have. I actually don't hate the idea of the program, but I don't love how competitive the students become. I've seen kids just reading easy-peasy books one after another to take a half point test. These are kids who are currently reading Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. I had to put the brakes on that and discuss quality book selections. My heart also sinks a little every time a kid decides NOT to read a book they've picked up just because it's not marked with AR points.

I'm walking a fine line in my classroom because although I don't want to promote that meaningless competition, I do have to show support for the program (or face the wrath of my thanks!)

So, to that end, I have created this AR Points Tracker for my classroom. I'm hoping that by having a visual, those who forget will be motivated to take their tests, and those who see it as a contest will slow it down when they see they've made their quarterly goal of 10 points. Yes, my kids have figured out to read and then "save" the tests for the next quarter. ick.

Here's a pic of my first one. It's done in a cute beach theme - appropriate for us in South Florida.

I just posted the set in my TpT shop and a cute jungle theme is on the way too! Click on the picture below to take a peek. Be sure to download the preview for information on customization.
See ya on the Sunny Side!


  1. I understand the challenges you face about AR. We have AR at my school too. If you go into settings, you can adjust the book level range that your kids take quizzes on. It can come in handy when they are trying to take books that are either too hard or too easy.

    Your chart is cute! Hopefully it'll motivate your kiddos to stay focused on their goals :)

  2. Oh, Laura I didn't know that! I'm going to have to check that out.
    Thanks for the info :)

    Sunny Days In Second Grade