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Poetry Fun in First Grade!

Burning Popcorn!
 I hear the kernels popping in the microwave.
I see yellow light in the microwave.
I smell the butter on the popcorn.
I feel spit falling down my chin.
I taste burning popcorn.

This is an example of an ADORABLE sensory poem written by one of my first graders a few years ago.

All year long it's about punctuation, sentence structure, capitalization, editing, revising, etc. This is the time of year where I let it all go and let my students just flyyyyy and enjoy writing poems. Poetry writing isn't a standard of ours, so I don't critique it the way I do other writing genres. Instead, I spend a couple weeks teaching all sorts of poem types and model how to write them. Then, I give my students plenty of paper, we brainstorm ideas... and boom! They write, write, write!

I love how excited they get about writing poems and it adds such a spark to our writing block!

Throughout the weeks we learn how to write:
Sensory poems
Feelings poems
Acrostic poems
Cinquain poems
Shape poems
Color poems
Haiku poems

All of the templates and teacher examples can be found in the unit I created a few years back:

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