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National Poetry Month!

April is one of my favorite months at school.  The students are in the groove, independent, and blossoming.  Plus, there are just so many fun things to do in April.  Oh, and it really does help that May/June are right around the corner, ha!

April is National Poetry Month.  We always have a lot of fun with poems.  I teach several different types and give my students lots of opportunity to write and create.   Last year I compiled my favorite types of poetry writing into my poetry unit called We're All Poets.  It's full of ideas, writing pages, and crafts!
My students always love round poems.  You can grab this freebie HERE!  They choose a round object to become, follow the pattern shown below, and then create themselves as that object!
 Katie and I also used the book Old Elm Speaks as one of our Rooted in Reading books for April.  It has a lot of great poems and different types of poetry included.  In our unit that pairs with Old Elm Speaks we focus on reading/analyzing poetry, learning about famous poets, and completing activities for poetic devices!  You can check that out HERE!
 I also love reading silly poems to my class.  Here are some great websites to check out:
I'd love to hear your ideas for teaching poetry in your class!  Leave any helpful tips and hints in the comments below :)

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