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Savor the Flavor! Becoming closer readers

Hi y'all! It's Rachel here today dropping in to tell you about a delicious reading lesson!

Do your kiddos love the speed read? Mine sure do! Many 2nd graders have been told they need to read faster, faster, faster! We have focused on those fluency scores meeting grade level expectations and we forget that sometimes we need to stop. to slow down. to be sure we are comprehending!

My teammie and I did the best (and dare I mention delicious) reading lesson on December to help our kids remember to slow down when we are reading to learn. Of course she found the idea on Pinterest, so if it's your idea BRAVO! Let me know!
So here goes!

What you'll need:
>Scholastic magazine or other article
>package of OREO cookies or some other kind if you prefer, but OREOs are perfect for "savoring"

Pass out your article or magazine and immediately ask them to open it up and follow along. Read the article aloud or even round robin it! I read it aloud.

After reading, tell them we are going to take a quick quiz on what we learned. I had mine put the magazine inside their desk for the time being. Have them number to 3 or 5, nothing too long, on a white board or paper! Ask them questions that could be found right in the text. Ask them things that really were big ideas that they should have heard!

insert groans. hurting bellies. panic.

Now, set their minds at ease. Pull out some OREOs! Woo! Cookies make it all better. I brought my kids to the rug and handed each one an OREO and told them they could eat it. They scarfed them down like they'd not eaten in a week! Then I asked them to tell me about the OREO. I got basic things like it's brown. It's good. It's really good. So we discussed why they couldn't really describe the taste, the feel, the look of the cookie. It was because we shoved them in and swallowed them right up! We didn't think about the cookie! We wanted a snack!

I explained this was just like hearing that article and having a quiz. They couldn't answer the questions because they didn't truly pay attention to it. They didn't have it to refer back to. They were probably playing in their desk!

So everyone got another cookie. We closed our eyes and savored the cookie. Boy was it good. In fact, some had snowmen or Santa on them, They were creamy inside, but hard on the outside. The OREO was really two cookies put together. It was scrumdiddlyumptious (we were reading The BFG!) It was sweet. They felt rough on our tongues. Now we were able to talk about these cookies. We took the time to think about them rather than just gulping them down as fast as we could.

We then applied newfound skill this to the Scholastic article. I had them read one section at a time, marking important info, underlining unknown words to come back to our ask about, talk about it; all the things we ask them to do when we do "close reads"-which we do not begin until January with our kids.

Amazing the difference noticing a cookie can make!

And here's a little lesson overview for you!

Happy Monday Blog Hoppers!

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