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Pumpkin Investigation

 Hey everyone! We are Kim and Megan from the blog, Kindergals. We are here today to talk to you about our Pumpkin Investigation we had on Friday! It was the end of our non-fiction reading and non-fiction writing unit and we wanted to celebrate in a fun and educational way! So, we set up 4 stations for the children to research about pumpkins. Here are the four stations:
 At the first station, the children used the website KidRex to research about pumpkins. It is a good search engine that is kid safe.
 At the second station, they watched teacher selected videos on Pumpkins through United Streaming. This was their favorite station because we included a video about the largest pumpkin smashing a car!
 At the third station, they read a nonfiction reader to help them build the life cycle and learn about how a pumpkin grows.
 At the final station, we had them read non-fiction books about pumpkins.
 Our final task was to record our learning and use these to create a class non-fiction book about Pumpkins.
After we recorded our learning, we carved a pumpkin! Of course, I didn't get any pictures of this because I was covered in pumpkin guts! If you want any of the paper resources they are included in the non-fiction reader unit on teachers pay teachers! We can't wait to do this again with a different topic.

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