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Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving Freebies!

Hi everyone! Krista from Creative Clips here! Today I have some quick freebies for you because Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK! I'm not sure how this holiday has snuck up on me because I've been eyeing the jumbo pumpkin pies at Costco for weeks! Did I mention that those pies are only $5.99? It's almost a sin NOT to buy one....even though you might live by yourself.....and might eat it straight out of the pie tin.....but I digress! haha Thanksgiving freebies....yes.

Nothing will make you more thankful for a break than those 2-day school weeks before Thanksgiving. (If you are one of the lucky ones who gets the whole week off- be VERY thankful, and start enjoying your jumbo Costco pumpkin pie early!) It is amazing how exhausting the "short" weeks before holidays can be. I would walk out of my classroom for Thanksgiving break with feathers sticking out of my hair, glitter on my face, mash potatoes on my shirt because a kiddo hugged me right after lunch.... I was a hot, festive mess! But I loved it!

I want to give you a few simple freebies that might help you get through that crazy  short week before Thanksgiving!

First up is a free Thanksgiving Coloring Book! Now, trust me- I know that you are filling your days with rigorous instruction and can't fill your day with "fluff" coloring. However, these coloring pages are great for indoor recess or sending home as a little "Thanksgiving Break" activity for your kiddos. I also thought of some easy ways to integrate them into lessons/activities:

*Copy one of the coloring pages on the back of a lined writing page. Give your students a Thanksgiving writing prompt and have them complete the writing assignment on the back. Then when they are finished, they can color the picture. You can also copy them separately and publish their work next to the color page.

*Use one of the pages that has multiple characters (such as the page shown on the right of the preview above). Students can use it as a picture prompt for a story. Another option: have students write dialogue for a conversation between the characters on the coloring page. Students can practice correct punctuation and showing character traits through dialogue.

*Descriptive Writing: Have students color one of the pages with the pilgrims or Native Americans and have them write a descriptive writing piece about the clothing or appearance of the characters. Tell students they have to incorporate 10 "tasty" adjectives.

There are many more possibilities but I just wanted to point out that these coloring pages don't just have to be "filler" activities/ Your kiddos might think they are, but you can be sneaky and incorporate those standards too!

This is a super simple freebie that you can use in your classroom or at home for your Thanksgiving meal. I created them as name cards for dinner time, but if you are having a Thanksgiving feast at school, they can be used there too! Not having a feast- no problem! Write sight words on the labels, stick them around the room and have students complete a Write the Room activity! They would also make quick gift tags for any small gifts you might be giving before Thanksgiving! You can download them {HERE}

Next up is a little gift from me to you! I am more than thankful for anyone who downloads my freebies, purchases my clipart, leaves feedback, comments on my FB page, or posts pictures of my clipart being used in resources in their classroom. It makes me feel connected to the classroom even though I am not teaching this year and I am so thankful for that. I am making my Rainbow Chunky Turkey clipart {FREE} until November 27th! Download yours now while it's free, folks!

Last thing! I know you are busy and I probably lost some of you readers at the very beginning when I talked about that pumpkin pie! But I have some exciting new products being released in my Creative Paper Collection on November 26th! So after you have eaten your big meal, laughed with the relatives, eaten more, put on your pajamas because they have an elastic waistband and parked it on the couch for the night- check out my Creative Paper Collection and snatch up some new festive paper goodies! They are perfect for stocking stuffers and teacher gifts!

That's all folks!! I'm off to get ready for my big Goodie Bag Sweeps Week in my TpT store! I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! 

Krista :)

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