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Incorporating literacy during Math (FREEBIE)

Hi y'all!
This is my 2nd time posting with the Blog Hoppin' gals and I have to say I am sooo excited!

I don't know about you, but I hated math.
When I was in school, math was the most difficult subject for me.
I never could understand it and it never worked for me.
But thankfully, I ended up in Kindergarten and the math at this level isn't too hard...;)

So to help make sure my kinder darlings continue to love and enjoy math, I try to make it as fun and engaging as possible.
Of course our math time is full of hands on games and activities, but I always struggle with incorporating literacy into our math time.
I've tried word walls, vocabulary cards, and anchor charts.  All of these systems are AWESOME and really helpful for my students...I was just TERRIBLE at using/making them consistently.
I needed to incorporate something that I enjoyed doing with my make sure they enjoyed learning about it.

I LOVE to sing and dance...I also love the opportunity to use a goofy voice in a read aloud.  So, this summer I made it my mission to purchase read alouds that linked to various math standards.  I LOVE the set of MathStart read alouds from Stuart J. Murphy.  The books touch on a variety of math skills and feature funny, well illustrated pictures.  After building my collection, I started to introduce each math lesson with one of these stories.  My kids LOVE the stories, but I love having a relatable experience to help explain a skill to my kiddos.

While these stories are allowing me to like a skill to a lesson, I felt like I was missing an opportunity for literacy during my math center time.  I didn't want to be the only one engaging in literacy during math time...So I created some fun poems to help my students engage in literacy.  Each poem is related to a specific skill and matched with the current theme we are learning about in school.
I've had so much fun watching my kiddos independently sing the poem as they pick up students in a school bus, or count the pumpkins on a vine.  Here's an example of one of our poems.

I bundled this poem along with some pumpkin activities in a freebie I'd love to share with you.
Click on the photo and grab your freebie!

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