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Sight Word Interventions

Several weeks ago, I blogged over on my blog about sight word interventions.

Here is what we are doing in my classroom!

Here we are... February!

Today's post could be titled:  All About Sight Words

We have stations in my class that support sight words already.  Here are a few:

We love the jumbo dice! These are from January.  You can see February's version HERE.
 We love making words in the pocket chart during stations.  You can find February's version HERE.

 Slight little typo that made me giggle, but it is still precious!
 We love a little bingo dauber games.  (This one is editable and you can see it HERE.)
And the easy Reader's Theaters are the first things my students grab for in their desert tub when they are finished with their station.  These are from A Teeny Tiny Teacher.  You can find her Readers Theater scripts HERE.   Seriously... love them!
Sidenote:  I have her current ones... I just didn't have a photo of them... #fail.
Then at my table we are working on building words as part of our guided reading warm up.
We love these sight word cards.  On one side they have the word written.  I learned about these from Mary at Sharing Kindergarten.  You can read more about them HERE.
 And the other side has images to help them recall the words.
 Wikki Sticks are fun!

 We also like to write the words in context... great for handwriting practice as well.

One thing I struggle with is tailoring my sight word instruction to each of my students.
Student (A) has different needs than student (B).  AND I don't want to spend time teaching student (A) a word if she already knows it.

Each week I assess my students on their needs.  Without ESGI it would be hard to keep track of it all.
I can quickly test them.
This is what the sight word test looks like.  I have words loaded but you can create your own list of words.
Then I can print out a report that gets sent home.

Before it goes home I jot down their weekly "goal." 

 I got a GAZILLION event bracelets on Amazon.  I love them because they don't break off the first 4 minutes of the day. 

You can get a 2 month FREE trial of ESGI by clicking HERE.

Now that I was armed with their specific word goals, I would scramble around for resources I could find to support them.  I decided a few months ago that I need to create something that could be tailor-made for each student.  I finally finished this!

It is super easy to use.   

Just type in a few words and select a theme.  The words will be imported into the document.

 If you go to the unit, you can get a free week by downloading the preview!


  1. What an awesome post and it has come at such a great time as I am trying to think of new ways to get these babies learning sight words! I love the "Super Sentences" activity! Where could I find that?

    1. Hi there! They are in my TpT store. If you click on the picture, it will take you to the unit. Thank you so much!