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Free Creative Clips St. Patrick's Day Tags and Decoration Tips!

Hi all! Today I have lots of green, glitter and goodies for you! I am all for getting more bang out of your clipart bucks, so I wanted to show you some ways that you can use clipart to jazz up your classroom decor in your classroom {please note: classroom decor products cannot be created and sold to others with my clipart}.

I love using clipart as decorations. It is an awesome way to use the clipart that you already own in new ways, and your kiddos might be excited to recognize some of the same images from their worksheets or lessons in seasonal decorations!

I got this little white chalkboard easel form Homegoods and it is my new seasonal project! It started with Valentine's Day and now it is full-blown shamrocks!!! The decorations are just taped on, so I can swap them out every month!

Products used:

Here are some close-ups! 

This little guy is from my Leprechaun Crafts, Puppets and Decoration pack that gives you large versions of my little leprechaun so you can make jumbo classroom decorations! I used the "peeking" version of the leprechaun here. His face alone is one whole 8.5 X 11 paper to give you an idea of size. The pack includes pieces to create a leprechaun that is almost three feet tall! Needless to say, I'm pretty excited about jumbo Creative Clips decorations!

The cute glitter elements and shamrock confetti are from Hobby Lobby and came all in one set. I used the sheer ribbon that was tied around the package for my little clothesline decor. The gold clothespins are from Homegoods and I plan on using them over and over for different themes! 

Tip: When I cut out my clipart for decorations, I like to leave a little white border around the edge. This makes it MUCH faster to cut around because it doesn't have to be as exact, plus it also makes the images POP against the black chalkboard. 

Tip: If you don't want to spend money on confetti, you can use a variety of green paint chip samples from the store and use a circle puncher to make your own! I mixed in a few circles of my own with the shamrock confetti. 

So, what can you use a chalkboard like this for in your classroom? TONS OF THINGS! My suggestion is to tape other printed signs or paper on top of it to make it easy to switch out. I love all the white chalkboard writing, but if you aren't an expert at that, adding an additional sign that is already printed out is a perfect solution. 

Use for:
- Welcome board near the door
- key vocabulary terms that might change each week- same with focus sight words for younger grades
- write common March vocabulary words that students will use in their writing and have it as a "go-to" reference! Make it a classroom vocabulary staple and switch them out with seasonal decor and words!
- super star work- prop up student work that is exceptional and can be rewarded!
....I'm sure you can think of tons more! I'd love for you to comment on this blog post with your ideas!

Before I let you go I wanted to share some FREE St. Patrick's Day Classroom Printables {for personal use only}. I try to stay ahead of the holidays when I am making clipart, so I thought I could help you get ahead if you are planning easy, affordable treats for your students! Here are two versions of tags with ENDLESS uses!

The round ones could be used for tags on treat bags by just hole punching at the top and looping a ribbon through. Same with the square tags. I left a white space at the top so you could write student names on them.

I used the circle ones to make pencil toppers- and you know that I'm kicking myself that I don't have some sparkly green pencils from the Dollar Tree to show you in my example, but the white will have to do!

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions for using these tags in your classroom! Enjoy!

Krista Wallden
Creative Clips Clipart


  1. Hi Krista!
    I love these printables. Thank you so much for sharing. I am planning on printing them on sticker paper to ensure all my students are "wearing" green!
    A Teachable Teacher

  2. Thanks for the printables!! My students are going to love getting them on pencils!
    Mrs. P’s Specialties

  3. We always have a leprechaun come visit us and leave us treats during the week. These printables will be used as a gift from him :)

  4. You're awesome! Do you ever sleep?