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Hundreds Chart {Freebie}

Hey everyone!  It's Ashley, The School Supply Addict.  We have another snow day here in KY, and I'm betting we'll have another one tomorrow.  We're expecting more snow and below-0 temps.  We can't handle it here like you northern people!  Haha!   We get 12 inches and the whole state shuts down.

Today, I thought I'd share two simple little freebies with you.  My kids are O.B.S.E.S.S.E.D. with 100's charts.  They want to read them, play bingo with them, cut them apart, color them, etc.  They're nuts over them.  I guess that's a good thing.

To help with their obsession, I created some very simple (and large) charts.  We will be using these a lot in the coming weeks as we dig deeper into basic addition and subtraction.

Click to DOWNLOAD from TPT!
FREE Hundreds Chart Printables from Ashley Hughes

If you're slightly crazy, like me, and need to make your own printables, then I've also uploaded a free graphics set!  You can now make mini ones, giant ones, add them to your worksheets, etc.  You won't have to spend an hour making tables and entering all the numbers yourself!  Woohoo!  

Click to DOWNLOAD from TPT!  
FREE Hundreds Chart Clipart from Ashley Hughes

I hope these help make your math planning a little easier, at least if you're a K-3 teacher. 

Thanks everyone!  Stay warm and have a great week! 


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