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Fast, Fun and Free! Engaging Your Students Was Never So Easy!

I am always looking for fun and fresh ways for my students to use technology in the classroom. This week, I spent some time playing with what is quickly becoming one of my favorite instructional tools.

KaHoot is a super engaging way to get your students excited about learning just about anything! The fast paced and fun game like feel will definitely get your students asking for more!

KaHoot is very user friendly and allows you to create quizzes that your students can play using just about any type of technology you may have. Whether you have laptops, iPods, iPads or a mix of all of them, KaHoot allows your students to respond to your created quizzes easily and collects data on performance as you go. Seriously, you can't be that! 

You have access to thousands of KaHoot quizzes that have been made public and cover just about any topic that you can imagine. Can't find the one that you want or need? Creating a quiz on KaHoot is super quick! Editing and writing a new KaHoot for your class will only take a few minutes! You can chose to keep it private or share it with the thousands of other users on the site. 

Once you have created a KaHoot, your students will all go to and enter the access code that is assigned to your quiz. Once in, they simply type in their name (or create a team name) and they are ready to play! 

The best part about KaHoot, besides the fact that the kids are begging to play, is that my students want to create their own question/answers for quizzes! And no, I am not talking about easy questions...they want to get there classmates thinking and I LOVE THAT! We are currently working on our first, student written KaHoot and they are thrilled!


  1. Thanks for the great tip. Great for homeschoolers too!!

  2. I love Kahoot! I used it last week for my kinders to review CVC words. I projected a picture or a CVC word and then they had to select the word that matched the picture. Students are so engaged and excited when I announce they we are about to use Kahoot. I like that I can share the Kahoots that I have made with other teachers. Thanks for sharing!