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We {HEART} GoNoodle

All of us Blog Hoppin' ladies are HUGE GoNoodle fans.  Do you GoNoodle with your kiddos?  It's Erica Bohrer and Anna Brantely,  here to share our love for GoNoodle and link up with Elizabeth Hall.

GoNoodle is a compilation of brain breaks that you can choose from, add your own to, and earn points for completing.  It is fun and easy to use.

Can you tell I am a fan? I got to meet the GoNoodle ladies in Vegas and they were a blast. - Erica

Here are photos of my kiddos getting down with GoNoodle. -Erica

My kids BEG me to GoNoodle!! It seriously saved us from going crazy when we didn't have recess due to the cold weather!! Here are a few pictures of them enjoying their brain break time. -Anna

GoNoodle recently added the feature where you can insert your favorite YouTube videos.  I love this because it cuts out the commercials!  Here is my (Erica's) YouTube channel, if you are looking for some links to add to your GoNoodle account. 

On to the link up....

My favorite brain break: I love the Happy song!  Just a great mood lifter.   
My favorite happy place:  I love going out on my boat in the summer.  I just feel like I am free from technology and responsibility out on the water.  
My guilty pleasure: I love designer bags.   I don't know what really makes them better besides the designer label, but oh they are just so beautiful.   I do have major buyers guilt for spending so much money.  I try to limit myself to one fancy bag a year. 
Keep Calm and...  take it one day at a time.  Very cliche I know, but it is what keeps my stress down.  

My favorite brain break: My students and I love, love, love Roller Coaster!!    
My favorite happy place: I love being at home with my family!!  
My guilty pleasure: Finding great deals on Zulily way too much! My husband swears there is a Zulily bag in our mailbox every day. I just can't help myself!! 
Keep Calm and... Let it Go....really trying not sweat the small stuff this year! 

Thanks for checking out our GoNoodle love-fest!  
Don't forget to link up with Elizabeth!


  1. My kids love GoNoodle, too! I think I might like it more than they do. We start every day with a yoga/stretching exercise, then take a dance break with Koo Koo Kanga Roo at least once an hour.

  2. You look so cute in all of your GoNoodle garb, Erica! Love it :) You all picked two of my favorite GoNoodle brain breaks. Thanks for linking up girls <3