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Super Sentences ALL.DAY.LONG!

Good morning, Peeps!! Kerri B from Teacher Bits and Bobs here...

One of my kidlets' favorite writing activities is creating "Super Sentences." Now, in my classroom a super sentence is a juicy sentence with the Who-did what-where model. 

For example, instead of writing "The cat jumped." which is BORING, you could write "The big black cat jumped on the fence." TADA! Super Sentence created!!

My kids LOVE this activity. They love stretching out their sentences and making them as "SUPER" as  possible. Here is a  pictures of them writing Super Sentences in September...

And here are some that they have written for December and just today. They have come SOOO far in their writing and I am so proud of what Super Star Writers they have become!!

No longer are they just writing one super sentence per page. Oh heck no! Now, they write all kinds of sentences to complement that first super sentence, and they LOVE it!!

Interested in helping your kids become Super Sentence Writers too?? Check out my Super Sentences to the Rescue Pack...

 Here's a little preview...

Your students can use these mats to learn how to write a “Super

Sentence” with lots of juicy describing words, action words and positional words. Students simply choose one word from each column on the chart to make a “Super Sentence”. They can choose any words from each column that they would like, but I tell them that it has to make sense, unless you're having a "SILLY SUPER SENTENCE" day, which the kids LOVE. They can make any crazy old sentence that they'd like then!!

In the beginning of the year, I use the “Super Sentences” mini books and charts and teach my students to write one super sentence per page, adding a great illustration and labeling. As the year progresses, I transition to the big “Super Sentence” journal and instruct my students to write one super sentence, and then add 3 or 4 more of their own sentences, to make a complete story, including an illustration and labeling.

You can also use these charts with the whole class, projecting them onto your whiteboard and writing a super sentence as a class, which will allow you to model proper penmanship, spacing, and punctuation.

Another fun idea is to have students write a super sentence in their large journal or on separate paper, and then trade it with their neighbor, who can continue the story. This activity fosters teamwork and cooperation.

These charts can be placed in your writing corner for free writing time, used during your writing block, or used in a writing center. You can also use them as a fast finisher choice. 

Your students will also be practicing reading and writing sight words, adjectives, nouns, and positional words by using these charts, since some of the words repeat each month, so the repetition will help them to memorize the word easily.

Here's a closer up view of the charts, which I made in both color and black and white (excuse my colored ink. It is ALMOST out and the colors are all WONKY-I guess another trip to Target in in order!!)...

These writing charts require very little prep. Just print them out, laminate them, and they are good to go. The black and white version you can simply copy and keep in your students' writing journals, so they can pull it out whenever they are ready to write! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!!

You can check this pack out by clicking any picture or link above. :)

Happy Writing friends!!

Kerri B


  1. omgosh - I LOVE this!!

  2. love this! You are so clever! Thanks for sharing! amy

  3. I love having my students write super sentences. Your packet is perfect for my struggling second graders.

    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade