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Valentine's Day Party Idea and FREEBIES!

Hey peeps! It's Traci from Dragonflies in First... with some free stuff for you!

2015 is definitely underway! I'm already planning February.

We celebrate Valentine's Day with a deliciously fun Ice Cream Sundae Party. It's an easy and quick little party. Each kiddo brings in one ingredient. That results in a huge amount of ice cream sundae bar goodies!

I generally don't have a room parent to organize parties so I like to keep them simple and manageable. Having each kiddo bring in a small contribution makes that possible.

I send home a notice about the party with each kiddo. On their notice, I circle one thing for each of them to bring. There are always a few kiddos who I know will probably not bring in a contribution so I assign them something we can do without or something that I've also asked from other students - that way we're covered. On my own copy of the notice, I write down the names of each student next to the item I've asked that they donate. Some things I request from several students (i.e. tubs of ice cream) so that we can be sure to have enough.

This is a sample of the notice I sent out last year.
Click the pic to see the letter larger. Click HERE to download a printer friendly black and white copy without all the dates on it for yourself. 

As you can see, I make a big deal about the kiddos writing their own Valentines cards. It drives me nuts when they come in with ones their parents wrote, or worse...not "to" a particular child. My own little pet peeve.

Speaking of Valentines... Here's a link to my EDITABLE Valentines. (In a wonderful double-standard kind of way- you can TYPE in your name and your students' names if you wish) In lieu of a candy treat it includes a HOMEWORK PASS!


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