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Thanksgiving Freebie

Elizabeth here from Kickin' it in Kindergarten.

I am off for the week of Thanksgiving, but I know that many of you have school for a few days this week. I have a little freebie just in case you are like me on short weeks (throw things in drawers left over from the previous week). I really believe in purposeful practice, but sometimes I just have to let Kindergarteners be 5 and 6.

I love hanging all of the turkeys up in the classroom. 

I'm sure my principal loves that I use paperclips to attach them to the blinds...

 The turkey handprints are always a big hit. If you are someone that likes to do gifts for your parents, a little  placemat is the way to go with the handprints. We had our feast on Friday and when we were done, the kiddos presented their little handprint turkeys to their parents.

Of course, they loved them.  

Hope you are able to enjoy this freebie if you are in school this week! 


  1. Love the turkeys! You are so right...sometimes we have to let children be children. I kept all of my Centers the same and only changed small groups. My brain needed a break also! :)

    Tacky the Teacher

  2. looks so fun, and love that there is an academic piece to the craft. Our principal said no turkeys unless they align to the common core! I work through Wednesday! Enjoy your week off :)

    1. Dang! Hoping you get a long Christmas break then :)