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New Ideas! - Linky Party

Hi Hoppers!  Erica Bohrer here from Erica's Ed-Ventures with a simple idea that sounds harder than it is!  I add QR Codes to my parent newsletters.
I do this as an easy way for parents to access certain websites.  Most parents own a smart phone or smart device and can download a QR Code Reader App for free.  They use the app to scan the QR code and it instantly takes them to the website!   I add the code in my newsletter for our online Scholastic orders, our classroom Shutterfly Site, the district webpage, Classroom Dojo, and more!   

Do you want to try?  Here is an easy tutorial.

I Googled QR Code Generators and the site I mention above was the first one that came up.  It is simple and easy to use!

I hope this little tutorial helped you!
Happy Hoppin'


This is Cindy from Love Those Kinders and I am going to share some  ideas for making life a bit easier for teachers and kids!

I LOVE all the fun games that we can put into our literacy and math centers BUT the little game pieces that we laminate for our little ones to move around the game board drove me NUTS! My kinders were always complaining that their pieces were falling down, they were getting lost on the floor, on and on.........So......... this idea came to me a few months ago and it has TOTALLY made life with games worthwhile again! Slip your game piece between a binder clip! It NEVER falls over and because it is stable piece, it hardly ever falls on the floor which makes it easy to keep the pieces together! Woo hoo!

And look how neat and tidy the center basket stays! LOVE!

Another thing that drove me nuts was our crayon basket! I have tried so many ideas for keeping crayons sorted and easily accessed, but none of them worked for me. This summer though, I happened to be walking through Hobby Lobby and passed a cupcake carrier. Inside it were 3 stackable trays that held a dozen cupcakes.... Hmmm...... instant crayon sorter!! I   L - O - V - E
them!!! Absolutely works for me, crayons are always available, and they are adorable!

My third idea is using small photo albums for high frequency words. My student's parents love these books! When a high frequency word is introduced, I give each child the word and they insert it between the pages. The books go home on the weekends for my kinders to practice with their parents. The albums easily fit inside a pencil pouch which make a nice transport for them to and from school. I found my photo albums at Walmart in the clearance section for $1.00 a piece this summer.

I found these mini composition books at Walmart. They are the cutest! These fit perfectly inside the pencil pouch with the photo album.  Parents use these to write about any problems or successes their kids are having with the words or kids can write/draw journal entries in them over the weekend. Another LOVE!!

Hope you enjoyed these fun ideas!!



Hi friends!  This is Karen from Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten.  
This year I started a new club in my classroom... the Pencil Sharpening Club!  Parents were offered the opportunity to become OFFICIAL Members at Back to School Night.  I was actually amazed that all 10 of the pouches I made up, were quickly snatched up by parents eager to sharpen pencils (I kid you not!)
Click on the image above to download the labels (6 to a page).

I simply attached labels to canvas zipper pouches and added a handful of pencils.  I keep a list of my Pencil Club members in my volunteer drawer and can quickly see who to send the pouches home with when our supply is getting low.
Click on the image above to download the list.

It's a simple, yet easy idea to keep your class writing...  without the hassle of daily pencil sharpening.  You see, my students simply put their dull pencils in the "dull pencil" drawer and get a new, sharpened pencil from the "sharpened pencil drawer".  This helps everyone quickly get back to work!  


Hi Blog Hoppin' Buddies! Kerri B from Teacher Bits and Bobs here...

My new idea may not be new to many of you, but it sure was new to me this year! Have you all heard of Brain Break videos?
Brain Break videos are short music videos for kids on the web that allow them to get up and get those wiggles out. I use Brain Break videos after my kids have been sitting for an extended period of time, or when we transition from one activity to the next.
My kids go CUCKOO for COCOA PUFFS over these and it helps them get their wiggles out AND it is just plain fun!

Here are a couple of our personal favorites...

The first one is only 1:27 minutes long, and is called "Shake Break!"

My kids LOVE it!!

The next one we love is the Gummy Bear song...

And of course...WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY!!!
Of course, if you show this one, you might have it stuck in your head ALL.DAY.LONG!

If you go on Pinterest, you can even search for Brain Break Videos and you will get a whole bunch of good ones. Here is the link:

Kerri B
Now it's your turn to link up with your New Ideas!!


  1. Those are all amazing ideas!!! Erica- love the codes! Way to get up with the times! Cindy- I have one of those cupcake things, what a genius idea!! And Karen- love the pencil idea, mine are just lying everywhere waiting to be sharpened! And Kerri- Wow, I have heard so much about the Fox video but haven't ever watched it! So random, but they'd LOVE it!!

  2. Oh my gosh, Erica - great minds think alike! I put a QR code on my weekly newsletter, too! It goes to my classroom website where I share pictures of what we've done throughout the week or important messages, etc. Not everyone has a computer with internet at home, but everyone has a smart phone or access to one! :)
    Teaching With Style

  3. Loved all your ideas! Wow. Is your newsletter paper or do you do a digital newsletter. We have web pages, but my parents rarely read our class news! I miss the 'paper copy' of our newsletter!