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Free Computer Center Directions for and

My goal for literacy centers is to have the students work as independently as possible.  Since, I teach first grade, this requires a lot of prep work on my part.  One of my favorite centers and the easiest centers to set up is computer center.
I place two students at each computer and have a headphone splitting jack plugged in so that each child can wear headphones and I don't hear the computer!  I print my "Computer Direction Sheets" and laminate them.  I use Wikki Sticks to circle the games I want the students to focus on.  Click {here} to hop over to my blog and download these direction sheets for and  


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  2. I love VocabularySpellingCity my students use it at school and home.  Each night they have an activity or two to do on VSC and they really enjoy it.  Do your students play Missing Letter or HangMouse?  I also like the fact that they have printable worksheets for the activities and handwriting practice sheets.  VSC has been a tremendous asset to my classes.