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Children's Art: Process vs. Product

I realize that I am very new here at BlogHopping and that beyond that newness, I'm a little outside the box of the average teacher blog, primarily because I'm NOT a classroom teacher.

Having said that as a pre-amble, I have created an amazing amount of passionate reaction to an article I wrote a few days ago on our collaborative blog PreK + K Sharing. I wrote about the differences between 'process' and 'product' in Children's Art. The responses have been AMAZING in every way.

That article is linked right here..... and I invite you to take a look when you have time. What has TOTALLY amazed me is one of the comments that a teacher left saying she got 'in trouble' at her school for sending home 'imperfect' artwork.

That led me to write a follow up article on my own blog, regarding 'fixing' children's Artwork.

Would you have been tempted to 'fix' this child's stop-light?

I invite you to share your experience with these various 'issues.' It has raised much discussion regarding education in general, and teacher competitiveness as well.

One other amazing development in the last week. Yesterday in the midst of the Super Bowl I had well over 1000 people read my article about childhood obesity, because a pin of the image went haywire. If that is a topic on your mind, click on that link.

Thanks for your time

-- Debbie --

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