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Creative Writing with "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds

 This week we read the story "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds.  This is one of our stories from the Reading Street program but can also be purchased at Amazon. It is about a girl who is upset because she thinks she can't draw.  With the help of her art teacher, she discovers she is a really great artist.   
For one of our activities, the students were given a small piece of construction paper and they were to cut out a circle to represent a dot.  Then they were to make something out of it.  This is how a few turned out!

We did a little creative writing with this story as well.   

I wanted to have a way for the students to experience how the girl in the story must have felt when she tried to draw.  I gave the students a step by step drawing activity.  Some of the students told me it was hard, but I encouraged them not to give up like the girl in the story.  All of them finished and all of them were GREAT!!Here is how a few turned out.

CLICK HERE to download these writing activities

If you follow Reading Street, here are free word cards with long vowel /ea/, and inflected endings /ier/ /ied/ /iest/ to go with Unit 4 Week 2 - "The Dot". 

CLICK HERE to download.


  1. I don't know if you have ever used BookFlix...
    You can get a free trial. This book is actually one of the books my first grade has watched. I think your kiddos would really enjoy it! It's like an awesome read aloud, but even better!
    (I am in no way compensated by Book Flix... I am just a first grade teacher who loves this resource.)

  2. Thanks for letting me know. I might check it out.


  3. I love the dot lesson...and the freebies are great! Thank you!
    First Grade Blue Skies

  4. This is page is quite fascinating for the students of less age, to help them understand the basics of creative writing. I always kids stuff more interesting than adults.


    Creative writing exercises

  5. I had never heard of this book until I read it on your blog! Thanks so much - I went right to the library and got it because my preschool class is doing letter Dd this week and tomorrow is "D is for Dot" day. Thanks again :)