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The Santa Connection

Hi Everyone,

Happy Holidays from Second Grade Shenanigans! Can't believe I am actually saying that! This year is absolutely FLYING by...sheesh! It is going to be short and sweet for me tonight, but I just have to share this awesome little site with you before I head to bed and prepare to survive one more week before a nice....LONG two week break!

I know that some schools do not allow the "talk" of Santa...BUT...if you do, this site is so wonderful. It allows you to personalize messages directly from the man himself. I know there are lots of other sites that are very similar, but this site is the best I have seen yet! Thanks to one of my sweet, sweet teacher friends for sharing this little gem.

Last week, I created messages for each of my students. On Friday morning, they watched their private message on their laptop. Here are just a few of the adorable moments that I caught on camera! I tried to take a candid shot of each student to give to parents. I think they are just way too precious!

Laptops.....check! Messages ready....check!

Priceless faces and reactions....check...check....check!

I seriously do not know how I caught some of these faces, but they are full of awesomeness!

"Mrs. King, Mrs. King...he knows my name and what I want and how old I am and and and and...oh my goodness!" Too stinkin' cute!
This site also has messages for adults which are hilarious or you can make them for your own kiddos.
If you are interested in this can check it out here: Portable North Pole
Enjoy! I hope that everyone has a fabulous week!

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