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Buzzin About Bees

I know that it is winter and all thoughts are on the holidays, but I wanted to briefly share our adventure through a beehive this week. Our Reading Street story of the week was Honey Bees.  We also covered the long ee and comparing how communities of insects are like communities of people.  The students were begging for more with these little buzzers by the end of the week. I think we may have to go on a field trip to a bee farm soon!
We read our story of the week and watched the Magic School Bus: Inside a Beehive.  We also used a few informational books about bees and ants to complete our compare and contrast activities.
The students had fun with the bee themed Daily 5 centers.  Felt boards are a big hit in my classroom and fun to make! 

The class made bee and ant glyphs during writing and filled them with fun facts about each one.

You can check out my Honey Bee Unit by clicking the picture link below.


  1. What a cute bee theme! I'm sure your kids had a blast!

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  2. I loved the bee hexagon and I pinned it on Pinterest :)