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Cute 3D Owls!

This week we made the cutest owls from a Styrofoam ball and a paper cup! Here is how we did it...

Supplies: (per student)
1 Three inch Styrofoam ball
1 nine ounc
e brown paper cup
2 LARGE diameter wiggle eyes
3 inch x 3 inch
orange fun foam
3 inch x 3 inch yellow fun foam
8 inch x 3 inch brown fun foam
Natural colored feathers
Tacky glue

Teacher Prep:
Hot glue the Styrofoam ball to the paper cup.
Trace wings onto brown fun foam. To create t
he wing, draw wavy lines along both long edges. Meet at a point on the top corners.
Trace yellow circles onto the yellow fun foam. I use a milk lid as a template.

Step 1: Students paint the Styrofoam ball with brown paint. Let dry. (I use tempera paint.)

Step 2: Students cut out the wings from the brown fun foam. "Paint" tacky glue in a long stripe down the middle of the wing. Lay the cup onto the stripe to attach.

Step 3: Students cut out two yellow circles from the fun foam. Use tacky glue to attach to head.
Then glue the wiggle eyes on top of the yellow circles.

Step 4: Students use pencil to draw a triangle onto the orange fun foam. Cut out. This is the beak. Glue onto the head.

Step 5: Students draw two "W" shapes onto the orange fun foam. Cut out. These will be the feet. Glue onto the front of the cup.

Step 6: Students use tacky glue to attach feathers to the cup, wings and head.

These owls are absolutely adorable! The pictures here just don't do justice to how CUTE they are! Despite the fact that this is a craft and not art, these owls always end up with their own individuality!

When dry, we compare owls and bats using a Venn diagram (I am sure that many of you do this!)

We also do a nocturnal animal book and those books turn out super cute, too! Here are examples of their owl and bat. They also made a raccoon, firefly, and a moth.

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