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Character Pumpkins!

Happy Friday Everyone!!  We have been having so much fun with Apples and Pumpkins!  Gotta love Fall!  Our First Graders have just begun their 2nd Annual October Family Project and I am sooo looking forward to October 31st when they come back finished!!  Here is how they turned out last year!

We also have been having fun with Spookley the Square Pumpkin.  In case you have never heard of him, he can also be seen on the Disney Channel as a movie right now.

Spookley is a square pumpkin who is made fun of because he is square.  During a storm, he stops the other pumpkins from rolling out of the pumpkin patch by wedging himself against a hole in the fence.  At the end, more odd shaped pumpkins began to grow in the pumpkion patch.

I had the students sort different shaped pumpkins.  They figured out they can be sorted by size, colors, and shapes.

Since we have been doing apple projects too, they will be finishing their Spookley glyphs.  The leaves are filled with the Characters, setting, problem, and solutions.

All the Spookley items can be found on my Fun with Pumpkins Unit.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


  1. Oooh! I just ordered Spookley in the book order this afternoon! SO excited!!!

    Marcy @

  2. Those character pumpkins are adorable! Kind of makes me want to do that to my pumpkin this year! :)