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Navigating Blog Hoppin' {Some Time-Savin' Tips!}

Hey y'all!  It's Amy here from Step into 2nd Grade!  I'm here to give you a little tour of Blog Hoppin'!  This collaborative blog was formed a couple of years ago, and has had a few different looks over the course as well!  Last summer we had the husband of our very own Susan Jones give us a HUGE makeover!  Well, I realized that after PJ Designs worked his magic, we never even told you about our amazing features!  So, I wanted to take just a few minutes to show you how to make the most of your time when you come to peruse through Blog Hoppin'
Now, I'm going to warn you about this video.  I'm no professional vlogger, but it was just the easiest way to show you what we've got goin on around here!  I may say ummmm and cool more than one person should ever say ;)
I hope this helps you save some time while you are finding some really great resources for your classroom :)

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