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Back to School Bulletin Board and Door Ideas

Hi Friends! This is Kacey from Doodle Bugs Teaching. Some of you have all ready returned back to school and others are really close to kicking off another great school year.

I wanted to share a picture post full of back to school bulletin board and door decorations that might inspire you or something you can stick in your pocket for later in the year or even next year!


This First Grade is Sweet was a door I made for my classroom several years ago. The ice cream cutouts were from the Dollar Tree. I printed the names and glued the ice cream beside each name. Then, I drew a cloud shape around each one. Laminated then cut.


This Out of the World bulletin board was one of my favorites. And I almost did it again this year but at the last minute I changed my mine. The rocket is made from yellow posterboard. The zebra and purple paper are all scrapbooking paper. The orange is tissue paper.


This was the door that went along with the Out of this World bulletin board. 014_thumb[4]_thumb[2]

Here is another simple back to school bulletin board. The bunting banner is made from scrapbooking paper. The letter are from cardstock and I just hung tulle in each corner.


And, here is the matching door to go with the last picture. You will also notice that I can make black paper and zebra go with ANYTHING. I am currently using it again this year!


Oh, how I love this bubble gum machine. After I took it down from the bulletin board it hung in our classroom all year long. So colorful! The knob is silver glitter.  Looking back.. I am NOT a fan of those small letters on the bulletin board BUT… you live in learn! This is a super old picture!


I have this bulletin board on the inside of my classroom and I usually try and put something simple on it until I can get some student work up on display. Those frogs are from Carson Dellosa I am pretty sure!


Way back when I started teaching (16 years ago).. I did a Chicka Chicka board almost each year. I cut these letters with my Cricut and then students glued little square pieces of paper all over. I actually LOVE this idea and would love to do it again. But.. my Cricut is not hooked up and I hate the thought of hand cutting each of those big letters out by hand.


Smile! You are in First Grade. And, let’s take note that I have purple paper up rather than black and multicolor zebra border rather than black and white. I was living on the wild side this year! This alligator is made from green posterboard. He’s a cutie!


My mom made this bulletin board one year. She works at my school too!. This is our main hall bulletin board and it is really large. It might not look big but it is twice the size of my hall bulletin board.


This is my inside board again that I put something on it until I can get student work up. The apple is made from cardboard covered with red and white polka dot wrapping paper.


This is last years hall bulletin board.Those pom-poms made it all year and have now found a home on my calendar board. I get asked all the time what font this is for the letters and honestly.. I have NO CLUE! I just print out each letter on a piece of paper and print on colored cardstock. So each letter is around 8.5x11”.


Here is the door that went with the pom-pom board. Those crayons are from Mel at Graphics from the Pond. There is a really good chance I might use them again this year!


Here are some goodies from my talented friends….


This one is from Julie from Mrs. Lee’s Kindergarten. I believe those names are from Deanna Jump’s name unit. This board is perfect for open house to show off some student cuteness!


This superhero board is from Rachel at The Tattooed Teacher . Superheros are SUPER popular for classroom themes. I really like this black silhouette superguy!


This bulletin board and door is from Katie at Little Warriors. Katie’s orange and black classroom is always super cute to see!


This 10 Ways to Be Awesome is from Natalie at What the Teacher Wants. It’s for sale in her store too!!! This one is great for all ages!

First Day 5

Amy from Step Into Second Grade did this precious Superheros board. Love the colors on this one! Amy amazes me everytime she posts a picture of one of her boards. They always are really eye-catching.


Stephanie at Falling Into First made this Everyone is Smart board. Hop on over to her blog to see more close up pics and read about it!


Erica at Erica’s Ed-Ventures can fix you up with quick door or bulletin board ideas from her store. If you want something you can buy and do quickly and be really cute.. go check this post out.

Welcome 08

And Mel has this precious Welcome pack you can put together to make a quick back to school door or decoration too! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE those colorful polkadot welcome letters!

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