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My Favorite FREE 1st grade math centers!

Hey everyone, it's Susan from Thank God it's First Grade (TGIF) and I am here to share some of my favorite free math centers with you!

At the beginning of the year there can be A LOT to prepare and get ready for and I know as teachers we spend a lot of our own money in our classroom. I thought I would help keep some $$ in your pockets and show you the FREE stuff I love the most:

Build it!
I made these little cards a couple years ago and they were perfect my young learners to SEE and FEEL addition. They simply build the first number with one color and then add the second number with the other color until they find the sum.

You can find these cards here to download:

Molly over at Lucky to Be in First! made this fun little gameboard for students to practice their subtraction facts. Once they understand subtraction, they can practice their fluency with this fun connect 4 game! She also has one for addition. You can grab both HERE.

Kelley made this little freebie for Earth Day, but really I just use it whenever and remind my students of the importance of recycling ;) It is engaging and easy to see when your students really *get it*
 You can download it HERE!

Reagan's big clock with the 5 cube intervals made my first grade teacher heart SO happy! During my time unit, I added magentic stickers to the back of the cubes and my clock stayed up on our whiteboard so we could practice whole group throughout the day!
She also made this fun game for students to practice writing the analog time as well as some interactive journal pages for more reinforcement! You can snag all her freebies, HERE!

Well those are some of my favorites that make their way through my math tubs each year!
Do you have other free favorites!? Let me know!

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