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The Kissing Hand School Tour for the First Day of Kindergarten

Hey guys!!! It's Katie, from Little Warriors.
Man, July is FLYING by!!!!!! And as we all start thinking about planning for the NEW and upcoming school year, this becomes one of my most popular and pinned posts :) So, I thought I'd bring this old post back and share it with you so you can see what works for me on that first day of Kindergarten.

Like so many teachers everywhere, I LOVE to start the first day of Kindergarten with The Kissing Hand!!!! I mean, what a PERFECT story!!! Yes, I had a couple of “Chesters” this year…but, luckily, they calmed down and warmed up pretty quickly :)
Here we are on we are on our very first day….all 26 of us :) Reading the greatest first day book!!
After we all talk about how we felt before coming to school today, we go on a school tour. This is the best activity to kick off a Kindergarten year!! Chester the raccoon leaves his little clues all around school and we go from room to room to find out where everything is and meet all of our teachers! That puts everyone a little bit more at ease and makes them feel a little bit safer :)
Our first stop….the Potty, of course!!! You know on that first day EVERYONE is asking to go to the bathroom before you even get started on things :) So, that’s where we head first. We find Chester’s clue out by the water fountains. He went somewhere else…but, I tell the kids that before we go look for him, we all have to use the bathroom. AND, remember to stay REALLY quiet so you don’t scare him away! LOL!! Works like a charm! :)
Here we are searching for Chester’s clues and becoming acquainted with all of the new places and faces in our school….
At the end of the hunt, we found our last note from Chester back in our classroom! He had left us bags full of hugs and kisses to take home!! <3
Want to see the rest of the clues??? You can check out the School Tour pack by clicking on the image below!!
We always make these Chesters On the First day of school….YES, the FIRST day! LOL! I don’t remember where I got this original pattern from many years ago…but, I’ve been doing them for years!! All it is, is different sized rectangles, squares and triangles that are pre-cut. The kids just have to follow directions and glue them in the correct spot. It is THE PERFECT first day of school art project for Kinders!!!! They really do turn out cute!!
If you’d like to grab this little title page to hang with your Chester art-you can snag it here! :) Just click, save and print! :)
Have a great year!!!!!!!!!

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