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Organizing for Small Groups!

Hi there!  This is Deedee from Mrs. Wills Kindergarten sending you a repost from over on my blog!

Many of you are thinking about how you will set up your small group area.  I hope this helps!

Here is what it looked like for me last year.

First I assigned my groups.  I name my groups to just keep it easy.  I let my most fragile learners pick their group name first!
 I updated all of my station work board cards last year.  You can get them for FREE here!
I formed my groups based on the data reports I was able to get from ESGI... Um... love this program!
I organized my binder and added each student's report under their group name.  This helped me to form goals for the groups/

Clip art by the adorable Mel at Graphics From the Pond.
Click on this picture to download your FREE cover.
From Deanna Jump's Guided Reading 101 unit.
Don't judge about my messy handwriting... it is, what it is.
From Deanna Jump's Guided Reading 101 unit.
Here is a photo of a running record.
From Deanna Jump's Guided Reading 101 unit.
Anchor cards can be found in Cara Carroll's ABC unit!  I love it!
We have this bookmark in our reading bags.

This bookmark is how I reinforce nightly reading.  Students earn stars when they demonstrate fluency.

You can download the bookmark for FREE on my Facebook Fan Page.
(NOTE: You can't see the FREEBIE file from your tablet or mobile phone)
Laser finger pointers help encourage 1-to-1 correspondence.  It was sort of a big deal.
(You can find these at the dollar store).

Our interactive learning journals are standing by...
These are the resources we will use in these bad boys during reading groups.
Interactive Alphabet Notebooks Letters A-Z
Interactive Reading Journal
Interactive Reading Journal-Nonfiction
We also use them for our
Guiding Readers Response pages.

Sidenote:  We also had our poetry notebooks and math journals, but they are kept in my student's desks.

We will also be using a lot of word sorts.  You can find my phonemic sorting resources here.
and a ton of path of motion activities and practice.
This Path of Motion practice is part of Abby's RTI unit.  I think I used EVERY page of it!

My friend, Cara, just wrote an amazingly detailed post about how she runs her Alphabetic Small Group Instruction... it is a gem!  I am not ashamed to admit that I read it 10 a few times.

I hope this answers some of your questions about my small group time!

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