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I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books

Hey Guys! This is Kim and Megan from kindergals! Here is a quick idea for retelling that you can use for Back to School.
IMG_4829-1First, we made the old lady and pieces, printed them on cardstock and laminated them. Now, as you are reading the story, you can use the pieces. Here are a few tips to think about:
  1. You might not want to give the pieces to the kids to come up as you are reading. You know if you have done that before you might hear, “I didn’t get a piece. I can’t find it.  Johnny, she’s talking to you!”  This makes it almost impossible to comprehend the story.
  2. Instead, after reading the book once, give children the pieces and say, “Let’s see if we can sequence the pictures to retelling the story. Good readers know to go back to the text. So let’s go back and see the sequence.”
  3. Invite the children who are holding the pieces to get in the correct order. Now, retell the story as they put the pieces inside of the mouth.
You can now invite the children to make their own retelling prop by giving them their own old lady to glue on the front of a paper bag and the pieces to retell. Here are a few tips to think about:
  1. After the children finish prepping the pieces, give them each a partner.
  2. Each partner retells the story.
  3. Now, swap partners and retell again.
  4. Repeat for as many times as time allows.
You can get the pieces for both parts here! It’s FREE!

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