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My summer in review...

A summer in review...

I combined my personal focus walls into one freebie file in an attempt to clean up my store. You can click the image below to download!

I'm currently working on a kindergarten set that will be available for a free download soon!

Each of the personal focus walls have a specific poster for the skills and strategies.  I made these posters into a 44 page file.  I love this set a lot!  Click the image to purchase a set for $6.00.

I created Alphabetizer and my Culminating Word List to match the graphics of the Alpha Cards in Alphabetizer.  The Culminating Word List align with Houghton Mifflin Reading for Kindergarten.  

Click graphic for my preview post on Primary Graffiti

 Words available for every theme!
Click graphic for my preview post on Primary Graffiti

 You'll also find lesson plans on establishing routines...

 Another book study I've worked on this summer is Katie Wood Ray's, In Pictures and In Words.  I've created posters to align with the study.  Click the image to download techniques 1-22!

I have a few more goodies coming up soon!  I'd love that you join me in my adventures this school year.  

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