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Classroom Organization Vignettes Captured in Photos

Happy Summer, Blog Hoppers!!! 

photo of: Organization for the Classroom, How to Organize your Materials

My travels as an author and illustrator of picture books takes me into schools around the country. I dedicated my last couple of months of classroom visits to capturing 'excellence' in action with my camera. The result of all those visits, and weeks and weeks of editing the tons of photos, is my article of yesterday. You get to look over my shoulder and visit OODLES of classrooms and see how they are organized!!! In your pajamas or your bathing suit! It's summer!!

Enjoy touring classrooms near and far! Of course I 'go where I get invited' and would LUV to talk about making a visit to your school! 

photo of: You Know You're a Teacher When: Getting Organized with RainbowsWithinReach
Get inspired + Get motivated + Get Energized!!

Hop on over. Hoping I can share some inspiration and motivation to get your new year off on the right note!

Follow these links by clicking below:  

photo of: Hanging Anchor Charts from Hangers! Organize your Anchor Charts

photo of: Classroom Door Decorations in Elementary School

photo of: Classroom Responses to "Pete the Cat" Picture Books

and here's a clever overview of different teachers using: 
in preschool + kindergarten. 

Happy Hopping!! 

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