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Meaningful Math: Activities, Bulletin Boards + More!

Math, Math + More Math! Super Sunday to You!

I've gathered another 'round-up' of amazing ideas that I've observed making my rounds of Author-Illustrator school visits. This time I've focused on all things 'math' related. There are ideas from bulletin boards, class goals, team building projects, classroom collaborations, fine motor development the whole nine yards!! 

It's a bloghop so if you're a blogger I'd invite you to get your blog articles into visibility -- as this promises to be a big visibility post due to the power of Pinterest! 

P.S. I've got a give-away going for a personalized set of my picture books and you have until Thurs the 19th to get entered at this link. All you have to do to win is to pin something from my blog: easy-peasy!! Combine these two concepts! Pin an image from the math article and let me know in the Fine Motor contest. Happy summer everyone!

-- Debbie --


  1. What a great collection of ideas and this has given me a great idea of my own. Thanks!

    1. Mel! I am so grateful for your supportive comment. Glad to offer you some inspiration!