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Memoirs of a Goldfish Unit and Freebie

The days to summer are quickly approaching!  I'm eager to float in the pool with a few good books.  As we are counting down the days, we are recording our memoirs.  A few weeks ago, I shared this wonderful unit...

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This morning I added a seven page freebie file for you.  I think Memoirs of a Goldfish is a wonderful way to inspire students to write their own countdown memories.  

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Included: An brief introduction and link to article, book recommendations, cause and effect comprehension sheet, preview of unit, and a thank you note from me!


  1. I just had this book donated to my classroom library! I have a role of stickers. e-mail me if you'd like them...I'll send some to you!! That called a surprise give-away!! I'm so thankful to have your unit!!
    Owl Things First

  2. Hi Jenny. I'm emailing the unit as an exchange. Very cool!!!

    Primary Graffiti