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Graphic Organizers: Foldables

Popping through from RainbowsWithinReach again.

I've added a second article filled with photographed examples of 'graphic organizers' -- known as 'foldables' from my recent travels to the Illinois Reading Council's conference.

I know that these are a delight for differentiated learning and support kinesthetic learners.

Here's the link to my second article on Graphic Oragnizers.

Here's the link to the original article, filled with Graphic Organizers.

Hope that your spring is filled with a feeling of accomplishment.
                                                  -- Debbie --


  1. Hello -

    I love all the ideas on this blog and was wondering if I could become a contributer? I can't find an email of a person to contact so sorry to post as a comment. Thank you for considering me.
    Little Priorities

    1. Lori.... this is a great place to be!!!

      Let me forward your request on your behalf and we'll see what comes of your interest. I'm glad that you find this blog to be of interest.

      Debbie Clement

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