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Beach + Ocean Art Resources!!

As an author/illustrator of children's picture books, my favorite part of making school visits is to see what sort of "Art" is on display during my time on site. As a 'snow-bird' resident of Florida,  my favorite part of our season in paradise is getting to go to da-BEACH!!! As an educational blogger one of my favorite things is linking up my observations + efforts to that of others to share with a wider audience. 

So imagine my enthusiasm when Mary at Sharing Kindergarten, said she was going to host a blog-hop on all things Beach related!!! 

Check out all of the dozens of simple Arts + craft ideas that I've gathered together into one l-o-n-g post. There are additional bulletin board ideas, sunny projects to paint, an awesome anchor chart and some delightful connections to palm trees from "Chicka, Chicka Boom, Boom!!"

The post is quickly charging toward my Top 10 list as readers pin + share it to their circles of influence. Check it out, by clicking right here. 

In any case, I promise it will get you thinking of summer!!!

-- Debbie -- 

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  1. What a cute bulletin board and a great idea to create an all things ocean post for the summer! Great ideas!