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Behavior Punch Cards, Vocabulary Center, and Extended Tax Break Sale

Hey.....psssst......over here!  Yeah, you!  Just wanted to let you know that I am still running my tax break sale.  I figured we all needed an extra day of savings!!

I need to take a poll. And, I really would if I knew how with html code! But, anyway, dear readers, do you find the behavior punch cards that I have been using in my classroom helpful? I hate to keep putting them out there if they aren't helpful. Up until now I have been putting them out as a Google Doc, but do to the issues it has had with the punch cards I will need to start putting them out on TpT.

So...please leave a comment letting me know if you find those helpful. If they aren't, then I'll find something else that is free!!

Also, today I redid my Vocabulary Center Graphic Organizer and took the old one down. The new file is soooo much better than my old one. Now everything is in color and just beautiful. This is what they look like.

I made 32 graphic organizers this morning at 5 A.M.!!  Sixteen of them are in color and 16 of them are black lined for copying.  I plan to use the colored versions on my Promethean Board and annotate over them.  The cost is $3 which is a steal...if I price as recommended on TpT, it should be priced much higher--more than twice of the price it is set out now.

The thing I like most about graphic organizers like this is that they almost teach for you.  Once your students learn what to do the first time, they can pretty much roll with it.

I recommend creating a Vocabulary booklet to document the vocabulary learned throughout whatever book you are teaching.  Plus, it is a really nifty study guide when it comes time for a vocabulary test!!  Just click !on a thumb nail to go to TpT to grab it.  By the way, I am still running my Tax Break Sale....I figured we all needed another day!!!

Hope you enjoy this!!

P.S.  While you are at my store, click on the little follow button so that you can keep aware of all of the new products I am uploading.  I counted, and as of today, I have 24 days until school is out.  Then, I can finish a lot of unfinished products and get them out so that we can all print, cut, laminate, and cut again!  Story of my life in the summer!

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