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Three for Thursday!

Hey sweet friends!! It's Cara from The First Grade Parade and I'm here for a little "three-for" action. Today's party is here to entertain you with THREE favorites...your favorite font, favorite blog, and favorite online resource. If y'all are anything like me, then EVERYTHING is probably your favorite ;) is the Cliff's Notes version of mine :)

My Favorite Font

This one is a toughie because I swear I'm a font addict. However, I find myself constantly gravitating for the same one everytime I turn on the computer...CK Handprint. She's a beauty, ain't she?!?!

My Favorite Blog

Ooooh. In no way shape or form could I EVER choose a favorite. I just can't do it!! I do have a list of my daily "must reads", but I could never narrow them down to just one....there's just TOO many!!! Instead, I'll share with you the blog that inspired me to start blogging, too!!

Yep...she's pretty dang cute and creative as all get out!

Now, if we're talking about craft/DIY blogs, I'm all over Eighteen25. If we're on a foodie kick, I LOVE the Pioneer Woman {already have my DVR set to record her show on Food Network this weekend!!}. My favorite mom blog is The Anderson Crew...she's a doll, her kids are adorable, she recently adopted a little beauty from Ethiopia and I LOVE her sweet stories, she's funny as all get out, and her photography rocks my face off. Speaking of photography, there's no one I love visiting more than Karen Russell.

My Favorite Online Resource

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone when I say that Pinterest is my favorite online resource. I've pinned a gazillion ideas I can't wait to try and it's stressing me out that I can't get to them all in one day! HA!! Such a great resource for finding new blogs, pinning PICTURES of great ideas, and storing ideas in a super user friendly format. I just LOVE that site!!

Now it's YOUR turn. Tell us about 3 of your favorites!! I can't wait to hear what they are!!


  1. I love The Anderson Crew too!!

    And yes, you picked a great font! I used to work at a scrapbook store MANY years ago, and I got that one on a disc at the store I worked at. I would love to find that disc!

  2. Hi Cara!

    I just linked up for today but now am stressing about tomorrow! I want to finish this week with a bang but I have been trying so hard to put my "top 10" worksheet for tomorrow onto my blog and I guess that I just don't know how. I am going to try a couple more things but do you know of a good site that may explain or give options for other methods?????


  3. Oh, I LOVE Pioneer Woman! SO excited for her big debut!!!

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