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Teacher Talk Tuesday

Hi everyone! This is Anna from Crazy for First Grade! It’s time to have some Teacher Talk Tuesday fun!! Today is dedicated to providing new teachers with advice. There is no way around it….the first year is full of ups and downs!! Let’s link up & share words of wisdom with all of the sweet newbies out there!!
I’ll go first.....
1. Put first things first….in other words, take care of yourself. Teaching is a demanding job! Make sure you give yourself time to relax and enjoy life outside of the classroom!!
2. This kinda goes with #1- Know that you will never have everything on your MASSIVE to do list crossed off!! Prioritize and do what is absolutely necessary for each day. It’s okay to let some things rollover!
3. Make a good first impression on your students! Plan activities at the beginning of the year that will get them excited about being back in school!
4. Communicate often with your parents through e-mail, newsletter, blog, etc. Building a positive, trusting relationship with them is KEY!! Trust me, you want them on your sideJ
5. Establish classroom procedures from day #1 and keep your rules simple!
6. Collaborate, share, and plan as much as possible with your grade level team! Don’t be afraid to ask questions about school procedures, policies, curriculum, teaching strategies, etc.!!
7. Always have several short activities, printables, and practice pieces ready to use in case a planned lesson backfires!
8. Be flexible…things don’t always go as planned in the educational world!
9. Stay positive, avoid gossip, and make friends with EVERYONE at your school!
10.  HAVE FUN!!!

Now, it's your turn… link up using the button that says "Add Your Link" below! We can't wait to hear from YOU! Thanks for sharing your advice with us!!


  1. I couldn't agree more with your advice!

  2. Great advice!

    Also, I can't get your button to work on my blog :( I've tried it twice in my last 2 posts and I get an error picture instead of the cute button. Thought I'd let you guys know! Thanks :)

  3. Good list to start us off with. I agree, taking care of yourself is important...I often forget about that one.

  4. I LOVE this!! I'm a new teacher so I can use all the help I can get!! : )

  5. i didnt even know about this link up
    its my kinda thing!
    next week for sure!

  6. thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!!! As a new teacher, I've been DYING to get the "real" scoop on what to expect and how to conduct myself!!! Blog hopping is GREAT- but seeing EVERYTHING that teachers who've been at it for years are able to accomplish and wanting to do all the same things is so stressful and discouraging!! It's SO wonderful to know that you all were first year teachers too, and that I can look forward to being just like you all one day!!!!!

  7. Can you delete submission #138? Oops! It won't let me delete it for some reason. I linked it back to YOUR blog and not mine. Teacher moment It's been a LONG Tuesday!;-)

  8. Thanks for the awesome advice! I needed it! :)



  9. This post was exactly what I needed today! Thank you for it!

  10. You are right on target with the no gossiping thing too! Thanks for your post!

  11. I have been reading a lot of these... We should write a book. LOL