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How to Backwards Plan and Organize Your Teaching Life

Of all the things that you can do to organize your teacher work life, creating a year plan is absolutely at the top of the importance list.

I’m ALL ABOUT backwards planning! Curriculum mapping and planning for the following school year is a huge part of our end of the year routine. 
A year plan makes it easy to discuss things as a team while looking at the “big picture“. This is our piece of mind. This is our bible. It allows us to embrace our creativity while knowing we are also meeting the needs of all the data driven aspects of our job.
Because we refer to it often, I print a huge copy for my team to refer to throughout the year in addition to our own personal-sized copy.
A thorough curriculum map helps ensure teachers:
  • are planning with purpose
  • have increased comfort/knowledge with grade level standards & expectations
  • cover all key areas of focus during the school year
  • unify disjointed scopes and sequences
  • find clarity and direction for the school year
Honestly, I can't imagine beginning the school year without it. 

For an assortment of reasons, it is definitely in our best interest to be completely aware of exactly what we plan to do with our kiddos while ensuring that we will “hit it all” during the school year. The best and most efficient way to do that is with backwards planning.

Creating a year curriculum map is essential to an organized and well managed school year. 

Click for a comprehensive guide to backwards planning. 

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