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Martin Luther King Resources!

Hey ya'll. It's Erin from Eberhart's Explorers. I'm over here praying for a snow day and looking ahead! ha Anyone with me? I wanted to post some of my MLK stuff and share what my students did in the classroom last year. Here is a sample of some TLC Art my students make. If you aren't familiar with her stuff, check it out {here}. It's such a great activity for teaching directions and fine motor skills. I especially love how all of the students' art work looks so similar, but different! 
My students fill out a was/had/wanted chart and learn all about MLK through non fiction texts. Some of my favorite titles include: I Have a Dream, The Story of Martin Luther King Jr., and A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr. 
We also add a MLK poem to our poetry journal. I just love these illustrations. Kindergarten drawings are my fave!!
You can find most of these items in this unit {here}.
Jennifer Horner and I also have a great Close Read that accompanies Martin's Big Words. I just love that book! It's a great way to teach students about Martin Luther King and how he used words to fight for equal rights. You can check this out in my TpT store by clicking the image below. 
Here are some other great MLK units from Blog Hoppers. Be sure to check them out, click on the image, and visit their stores below! 
From Natalie's store: This is a great way to meet your social studies core while celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and/or Black History Month (February). This cute and creative resource pack will give you many printables and graphic organizers to help you teach about Martin Luther King, Jr. and Civil Rights in America.
From Susan's store: Martin Luther King Jr. activities perfect to use on Martin Luther King day! I included the title of my favorite MLK Jr. read aloud, but the activities and craft can be done without the book as well!
From Cindy's store: Awareness and pride in our selves are important concepts for children to learn and embrace as they grow and develop. Karen Katz has written a book that I love! In this book, she writes about a mother and daughter observing the people in their neighborhood. Lena (the little girl) realizes that people are not just black, white, or brown. They are shades of beautiful colors such as gingerbread, coffee, peaches, and cinnamon. After we read this book, my students and I observe the colors of our skin and inevitably we realize that WE are all colors, too! 
From Alisha's store: Use this classroom collaboration craftivity to get to know your kiddos dreams! Students will love to sit in a circle and share their individual dreams for their classroom, education, future and the world! A strip is included without the "theme" of the dream filled in for classroom personalization. Check out another freebie from the BubblyBlonde by visiting her blog {here}.
From Kim's store: Happy Birthday, Dr. King! This super cute packet will teach your little ones all about Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement while teaching many math and literacy standards. They will have opportunities to learn through number combinations, fair share, story problems, patterning, phonemic awareness, multi flow map, making connections, sentence structure, and nonfiction writing. Your little ones will learn information about Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement while seeing the impact on their lives today!
From Vera's store: The cards and reference page feature vocabulary words for teaching about Martin Luther King Jr. There is a recording page included so students can show their learning. This packet is a quick and easy way to provide your students with theme related knowledge. It's a perfect way to strengthen specific vocabulary with our ELL learners.
From Michelle's store: This unit includes 6 lesson plans that are common core aligned to go with the popular book, Happy Birthday Martin Luther King by Jean Marzollo. It also provides anchor charts to teach and worksheets or activities to reinforce ideas. 
From Krista's store: This 45-image set is full of images relating to Martin Luther King Jr. and his life! Included are 36 vibrant, colored images and 9 black and white versions. 
From Cheryl's store: Captivate students with winter themed fun while meeting learning standards! This 77 page packet is packed full of excitement.

I hope you will use some of our products to help your students learn about MLK! I'll leave you with a great video from the Kid President. He teaches us that things don't always have to be like they are....we can change can change them! Teach your students to celebrate the promise of change and have a Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!! 

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